Rabbit Rabbit!

Thank you for thinking of us and for taking that extra click to learn more about what we do;
we appreciate every one of you!

A bit over half a decade in, a handful of workshop spaces, hundreds of events, thousands of invitations,
millions of balloons, billions of rose gold paperclips… ok, maybe not millions and billions, but it’s up there…

We have decided to embark on a major brand rehaul and couldn't be more excited for the future.
As our team is getting busy Fresh Princ-ing the brand from behind the scenes,
we are currently only able to accept limited bookings for our
planning, balloon install & print design services.



If you are interested in one or more of our services and would like to check availability for your event, send us a note below.

We cannot wait to share all we are mixing up over here.

(photo by our friends at Redfield Photography)

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